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Force desktop mode On off. Thread has been deleted. No man has ever had that much impact on the rap genre like Kanye West. He spits fire and his lyrics are genius.

Kanye West is a rap genius, best character of our era. Topics are hidden when running Sport mode. Lol his discography is literally flawless, one of the best discogs in hip hop history. One of the most consisten rappers, stop being ignorant and close minded. Sorry for dailymotion but stupid gema dailymotion.

If you're searching for specific songs, you could for example use sites like youtuberepeat. Kanye includes the two. But since you're so anti-Kanye let's hear who do you think is better than Kanye? Genuinely curious. Rofl, 2pac is dead and he rapped about his east side rivalry when he infact was born on the east coast of usa. He was a hypocrite.


Does Donald Trump Listen to Kanye West’s Music? Here’s What We Know

BRB listening to raps about murdering his wife and doing drugs then suddenly making raps about not doing drugs anymore. Kanye west is not a rapper hes a producer. When was the last time that kanye spit anything good? Kanye West is a rapper, and a producer and he's had numerous albums and singles with great flow and lyrics. Anyone from Wu-Tang is better.

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Brother Ali is better. Anyone from Jedi Mind Tricks is better. Jarren Benton is better. The gum on the bottom of my shoe can spit better bars than Kanye. Do you listen to lyrics? Stop replying. Its so obvious you don't know shit about rap. Also please don't use "spit" its cringe. I feel like only people who don't listen to Kanye hate Kanye cause idk he's dating the Kardashians? I listen to hip hop all the time and I don't hate him. Fucktard he made great songs. This is our generation. People think it's a bait when they hear that Kanye is the best rapper of our era.

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Go back listening to "legendary" hypocrite rappers like 2pac who owe their legendary status to dying early. No, i think rap is shit and kanye is nowhere near the "good" rappers. Obviously joey, earl and lupe are no namers. Especially J cole who has ever heard of a guy named j cole? This guy is obviously bating. I hope hes baiting. Why would you even compare someone like Joey Badass to Kanye, they are on different levels, that's just stupid and pointless I'm not talking about skills.

Yeah i know joey is too good for kanye. Even though i have no idea what you are comparing since skills are the only thing that matter. Nope, you might be good at rapping but that doesn't mean you make good music. Two different things.

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Social competence, brain and NightCobra shouldn't ever appear in the same page. You are trying to tell me that kanye had more impact on the rap game than any rapper from the 90s. I love how every single one of your favorite rappers now are also mine. K dot 2. Cole 3.

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Joey 4. Pusha T 5. Please explain to me how somebody in the mainstream is underrated. Here, all the lyrics that are likely inspired by Pete Davidson and Mac Miller The fact that this song gave me goose bumps throughout the song and the beat was so different and it fit Mac's flow. This song will always be my favorite off the album and possibly my favorite Mac Miller song ever!

  1. Album Review: “Macadelic” by Mac Miller.
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  6. Mac has the best flow and the rhymes to match. Absolutely one of his best songs.

    Fm vince staples genius

    Deepest lyrics while still containing a great flow. But …. Clovis Floy. Ariana Grande - The Way ft. Mac Miller. Mac Miller was a thriller.

    - The Washington Post

    Uptown Theater - Kansas City. We got amazing standing room seats and the …. As a teenager in the early s, he went online to study the hip-hop stars working hundreds or thousands of miles from his home in Pittsburgh America Songtext von Mac Miller feat. Mac Miller named his first hit song after Donald Trump.

    Police and paramedics found Miller unresponsive at his home in Los Angeles and declared him dead shortly before noon, coroner's spokeswoman Sarah Ardalani said.

    Barring Kanye West , it's not news that the vast majority of hip-hop artists -- from underground rappers to icons like Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and T. But only a few years ago -- as recently as -- hip-hop's storied relationship with the celebrity business mogul-turned president told a very different tale. Perfect night! Trump was an indisputable icon in hip-hop music for decades, and the admiration for his success and swagger is documented in more than rap verses.

    Lyrics examined by ABC News show Trump was hailed for his wealth and power and idolized in songs that date back to at least the late s. Diddy and 50 Cent and southern rappers like Lil Wayne and Jeezy. Yeah, you know it's me. And in more than 60 tweets about hip-hop, Trump either wrote about songs he was mentioned in or artists who praised or criticized him.